We are a UK-based company providing high quality translation, interpreting and transcription services. We specialise in Eastern European languages but we can assist with other languages too.

Our mission is simple: we focus on complete customer satisfaction. Our dedicated and experienced team will go the extra mile to understand what you are trying to achieve, allocate relevant resources and make sure you get the best possible result.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and enthusiastic and delivering the highest quality. Our team has a can do attitude and will work together with our customers to get the language strategy right.


  • One translator
  • In-house quality assurance
  • Project Management

The translation will be carried out and proof read by a professional translator.


  • One specialist translator
  • In-house quality assurance
  • Project Management
  • Terminology research and management

The translation will be carried out and proof read by a specialist translator expert in the subject matter of the document.


  • One specialist translator
  • One specialist proof-reader
  • In-house quality assurance
  • Project Management
  • In-depth client-translator consultation

The translation will be carried out and proof read by a specialist translator expert in the subject matter of the document.The translation will then be proof read by a second independent translator.

Legal Aid Funded Clients

We provide comprehensive linguistic support to your Legal Aid funded cases. This usually includes face-to-face interpreting during prison visits, conferences at your offices or telephone arrangements, as well as written translation of witness statements, interview transcripts, proof of evidence and all the other documentation.

  • Our translators are registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters
  • All our translation rates are guaranteed to be given prior authority by the Legal Aid Agency
  • We provide translation of evidence bundles in all criminal, civil, family and care cases
  • Confidentiality is our priority - our linguists have signed non-disclosure agreements

Legal Documents Translation

Our expert translators have extensive knowledge and experience working within the UK and their native country legal systems. We can professionally translate any document from witness statements to large corporate contracts. Detailed and accurate, our legal document translation is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

  • We can handle translation of substantial case bundles and rarely find the deadline too tight
  • High quality document translation by linguists translating into their native language
  • In-house legal system training programme for linguists, keeping them up to date with the legal procedures in the UK
  • On request we provide the required certification (sworn, affidavit, notarisation and apostille) depending on the target country


Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge. Our unique methodology that clients depend on delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information for manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers.

  • We only work with qualified and experienced medical translators, some of which are doctors and other medical professionals
  • For individuals: medical notes, patient records, examination results and hospital discharge summaries
  • For companies: regulatory documents, clinical trials, information booklets and manuals
  • Confidentiality is our priority - our linguists have signed non-disclosure agreements and can deal with sensitive content


Multilingual documentation is increasingly important and, in many cases, is imposed by regulation. We provide translation regarding pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, product information (SPCs, package leaflets, labelling), clinical trials incl. patient information and informed consent forms and pharmaco-vigilance.

  • We only work with carefully chosen, qualified and experienced pharmaceutical translators, who translate into their native language
  • All aspects of pharmaceutical translation undertaken allowing you introduce your products to new markets
  • For research companies: clinical trials, consent forms, regulatory matters, medical journals
  • For manufacturers: medical product packaging, leaflets and labelling, product characteristics (SPCs)

Website Translation and Localisation

From simple translation to complex localisation, we can help with adapting your existing website to the target market and add value to your business. With the use of specialised tools and software we can translate the content to include specific language and cultural preferences, while maintaining its integrity.

  • We only work with qualified and experienced linguists, translating into their native language
  • Using latest translation technology allows us to correctly identify and translate all the sub-pages and meta-data
  • Our localisation teams adapt products and marketing to a specific target country, which involves making cultural references suitable for the local market
  • We will help our clients take their products abroad or expand their business by trans-creating content of their website, software or app

Promotional Material Translation

To help you reach your target market customers we can translate your press releases, advertising and social media content. We also provide translations of product presentations for conferences and training sessions as well as, market research questionnaires, leaflets and brochures.

  • High  quality marketing material translation by qualified and experienced linguists translating into their native language
  • Localisation and trans-creation of marketing content making it relevant to your target audience
  • Multilingual promotional and marketing campaigns for UK based companies wishing to engage non-English speaking, migrant communities
  • NEW! We provide foreign language Facebook and Twitter content management services, which can take your business to the next level

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